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Land your next job through LinkedIn

A 3-step guide to upgrading your profile, networking and getting that job!

Date: Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021 at 19:30

Location: Online

Cost: 30€

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About this event

A 3-step guide to upgrading your profile, networking and getting that job!

LinkedIn can feel overwhelming - there’s lots of jobs on there but you feel like you’re the only one not getting one. Well if that’s the case my friend, this workshop is for you…

We will review best practice techniques for using LinkedIn through Anna’s simple 3-step process. From ensuring your profile is searchable by recruiters, to proactive outreach to potential employers.

Through her own sales, outreach and networking experience, Anna Bieniasz will provide you with practical tips and advice for getting the most out of this important, professional platform.

Your job hunt is much more than applying to job postings, a great profile and proactive approach can help you land your next job.

And this workshop will help you get that. By the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • updated your profile
  • written a small introductory message to send out to connections
  • new ideas about how to use LinkedIn in the best possible way for your job search!

LinkedIn connections and jobs are out there for you. What are you waiting for?

About the presenter

Anna Bieniasz is a Sales and Lead Generation Expert with master’s degrees in geography and economy. She has experience in selling to end consumers (B2C) and business customers (B2B) in various industries. She helps entrepreneurs to understand their selling process and assists them in setting up a system to generate a stream of qualified leads.

About one year ago, as a side hustle, she started her "Good Habits" coaching practice. What was a passion project is turning into a real business and opportunity to help women who struggle with eating healthy develop good eating habits, one step at a time

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Empower Amsterdam is entirely self-funding and all proceeds from this workshop will be used entirely to carry out our mission to support unemployed international in their search for their next role. Anna has generously donates her time to Empower Amsterdam to facilitate this great event.